Since November of 2011, chip&chisel has been creating personalized handstamped jewelry, ranging from our trendy and staple pieces to anniversary and milestone keepsakes. Each item is personally handstamped by owner, Lindsy Fagan. chip&chisel prides itself on excellent customer service, and when at all possible, establishing a meaningful connection with its customers through the unique stories attached to each individual design. 

Each design is curated in Lindsy's studio located in the Pacific Northwest.  We love to source small businesses, local vendors, and purchase our materials within the United States.


The heart and soul of our creations lie somewhere between mastering the art of personalizing our pieces and purposing to connect on an emotional level with each of our clients. Our mission goes far beyond creating quality jewelry, as we strive to leave a legacy of giving back. If we leave an impression of how much we care about each piece and the individual stories attached, we feel we have succeeded. Regarding our internal process, we endeavor to partner with other local craftsman in an attempt to build up the independent businesses around us looking to grow!


Although c&c has been around for nearly half a decade, it is only recently that Lindsy and her family have decided to share the story of how it all began. Our hope is to give back in a very special way to something that is near and dear to their hearts. With the cost of the average IVF cycle in the U.S. around $13k, many times this can be an insurmountable hurdle that stands in the way of having a baby. We are working towards helping families that are struggling to get pregnant through the means of IVF.  To read more about the meaning behind chip&chisel and the way we give back, visit us here