Winding Down After the Holidays

Now, I am by no means a blogger - you're probably not going to find any amazingly worded or overly captivating reading material here ;)  This is a place where you'll find chip&chisel updates ... sales, new collections and designs, us asking for feedback, and all the happenings of day to day life, both professionally and personally.  Since my girls are the reason behind the start of chip&chisel, you'll see their sweet faces from time to time (okay, probably more often than that haha!).  <3

It still feels like Christmas to me, so I'm snacking on holiday cereal and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas while the girls are fast asleep upstairs.  All of the festivities this past week have completely worn them (and us!) out.

I rarely take time away from chip&chisel - when I do, it's a day here and a day there, but I still tend to emails and messages.  With this Christmas being the first one for the girls, I decided that I was going to take a REAL break to just focus on family and spend tons of quality time with our two little miracle babies.  While I had to really force myself to let things go for a bit, it was the best thing I could've done and it has made me realize that I need more of that in my life. 

We enjoyed a family trip to the Oregon Zoo Lights and Peacock Lane, a street in Portland that is known for it's beautiful Christmas lights display.  My parents used to take me to both of those places every year to look at the lights and I love that I now get to take our girls!!

                                                     Our little family visits Peacock Lane
 My Addi Cakes

We spent time with family on Christmas Eve and the girls had their first encounter with Santa!  I thought for sure that Addi would become hysterical at the first glimpse of him (she has a case of "stranger danger"), but both girls loved him! 

                                                         No tears for their visit with Santa
                                        Christmas Eve with the girls' great grandparents

The girls enjoyed opening presents and have been loving playing with all of their new toys!  We feel incredibly blessed by how loved our girls are ... and with that love came a LOT of gifts, so I'm happy that we went very light on the presents (a baby doll for each of them and a big story book from Santa) because I spent most of this past weekend cleaning and organizing to make room for everything!

                                                    Big girls on their new Frozen cars
                                                          Definitely a new favorite!

We wrapped up our last Christmas celebration on the 27th and now we're getting back to "normal".  Hard to believe that 2015 is coming to a close - it has been such a huge year for our family (the birth of our girls and everything that came with that) and for chip&chisel (the launch of our new website and a complete rebranding) and we're so thankful that you were along for the ride!  Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and wishing you an amazing new year!!