Kickin Off March Madness!

Hi guys ... thanks for joining me over here!  If you haven't read yesterday's post, please take a quick minute for a little catch up so you can play along!


It's been a cold, rainy, (abnormally) snowy, and grey winter over here and this girl is ready for SPRING!  It's right around this time each year that my mind starts wandering to tropical destinations ... somewhere warm where I can lay on the beach with the sand in my toes and a pretty drink with an umbrella in my hand.  Ahhh, if only!!  Unfortunately, we are totally not brave enough to pack up two toddlers for a long plane ride to a place where we won't really get to enjoy the beach or the pool.  Maybe another year or two?  Until then, I will daydream of my favorite spot - Kauai.

If you could leave tomorrow and spend a week vacationing in the location of your choice, where would it be?