We're Wrapping Up #considerkindness With A Big Shiny Bow!

We’re onto our third and final week of our #considerkindess campaign and we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who have participated and shared with us the many ways we can slow down a little bit, exercise intentionality and spread love through small and unexpected acts! You are so inspiring! I mean- Is it not just the greatest feeling when you can make someone’s day?!

With that being said- Christmas is just a handful of weeks away and we want to end this campaign with a bang! The concept is very simple and provides a way for many different people to be involved without really sharing a thing. For the next week, a portion of every sale made through chip&chisel.com will go towards adopting a family (or 2!) in our community and taking care of their most immediate needs this holiday season!

How are we going to do this? WELL. Did you know- our local newspaper- “The Columbian” - launched a program called “People in Need” and makes finding “the need” so easy. With the help of local non-profits, they provide a list of families struggling to get by and specific ways the community can help! You guys! Some of these things are as straightforward as laundry soap in order to have clean clothing! A lot of these families are finding it difficult just to get by with life’s basic needs let alone finding the means to afford Christmas gifts for their kids. Scanning the list is not only incredibly humbling, but also a huge reminder that, again, it’s the small things...

In a perfect world, all you readers would all take the time to put together a care package for one of these families, (and PLEASE- don’t let us stop you!) but this week, simply purchasing through our website will essentially aid in doing the same thing. SO! Get your christmas/bday/retail therapy/i-need-a-pick-me-up shopping on and at the same time, effortlessly give back to something truly meaningful and impactful! No brainer, right!?

At the end of the week, we’ll post pictures highlighting the ways in which your orders helped offer a family in need some serious holiday help this year! If you’d like to donate in a bigger more direct way, please visit www.columbian.com/adoptafamily/ for more information!