Target Strikes Again

We spent the day shopping for new car seats.  Four of them to be exact.  A couple trips to Target for a bunch of stuff I'm sure I didn't need.  The shoe section at Babies R Us totally sucked me in ... again.  A few stops at Starbucks for coffee and cake pops.  Grocery store, amazon order, birthday gifts.  And now my current mood:

I actually had zero reason to make my first trip to Target.  I took the girls "just to look".  I roll my eyes as I even type that - no one goes to Target just to LOOK.  After what felt like a trip down every single aisle and too long in the toy section, we strolled to the front with a cart full of the most random items.  When will I learn?!

The girls enjoyed themselves though ... they always do. Target Lovers. #theygetitfromtheirmama


I hope you had a great weekend!!  Do anything fun?