We're Wrapping Up #considerkindness With A Big Shiny Bow!

We’re onto our third and final week of our #considerkindess campaign and we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who have participated and shared with us the many ways we can slow down a little bit, exercise intentionality and spread love through small and unexpected acts! You are so inspiring! I mean- Is it not just the greatest feeling when you can make someone’s day?!

With that being said- Christmas is just a handful of weeks away and we want to end this campaign with a bang! The concept is very simple and provides a way for many different people to be involved without really sharing a thing. For the next week, a portion of every sale made through chip&chisel.com will go towards adopting a family (or 2!) in our community and taking care of their most immediate needs this holiday season!

How are we going to do this? WELL. Did you know- our local newspaper- “The Columbian” - launched a program called “People in Need” and makes finding “the need” so easy. With the help of local non-profits, they provide a list of families struggling to get by and specific ways the community can help! You guys! Some of these things are as straightforward as laundry soap in order to have clean clothing! A lot of these families are finding it difficult just to get by with life’s basic needs let alone finding the means to afford Christmas gifts for their kids. Scanning the list is not only incredibly humbling, but also a huge reminder that, again, it’s the small things...

In a perfect world, all you readers would all take the time to put together a care package for one of these families, (and PLEASE- don’t let us stop you!) but this week, simply purchasing through our website will essentially aid in doing the same thing. SO! Get your christmas/bday/retail therapy/i-need-a-pick-me-up shopping on and at the same time, effortlessly give back to something truly meaningful and impactful! No brainer, right!?

At the end of the week, we’ll post pictures highlighting the ways in which your orders helped offer a family in need some serious holiday help this year! If you’d like to donate in a bigger more direct way, please visit www.columbian.com/adoptafamily/ for more information!



A New Spin On #considerkindness

“There is no limit to the amount of good a person can do if they don’t care who gets the credit.”  -Unknown

Thank you to ALL of you who participated this last week… we are so THANKFUL to have such selfless and caring people like you in our corner. We loved ALL of the selfless acts over this past week, and today, we’re recognizing @thespecialllkay for her very sweet gesture on Thanksgiving when she took pies into her local police precinct as a thank you for all that they do and for sacrificing their holiday away from their family to serve and protect instead.  We love our first responders and appreciate you doing something to brighten their day, so thank you!!  Also, a huge thanks to my family members that purchased toys for kids that otherwise may not have anything to open on Christmas morning!!


Now that thanksgiving has passed and we’re in full Christmas mode, (um, how did that happen??) We thought we’d put a little spin on this week’s #considerkindness campaign!

We all know at least one person that’s pretty much got it down when it comes to loving on people and caring for those around them in the most selfless way. This week, we want to recognize those people! Chances are, 90% of what they do goes unacknowledged or even, sometimes, unappreciated (HI- any moms out there??) ... and we know the last thing they do it all for is any type of grand recognition, but we thought, let’s brighten THEIR day this time, for being so good at doing it for others the rest of the time! 

During this next week, share with us those people in your lives - what they’ve done for you, someone else, or their community! At the end of the week, we’ll choose a post and reward both you and your friend with a $25 chip&chisel shop credit!

Again, this is meant to be a fun rewarding challenge, but the true purpose is that through sharing, we would perpetuate this feeling of #considerkindness wherever we go!  Plus, how awesome to be able to tell someone that you appreciate them so much, you took the time to mention them and share how great they are at making people feel good!

Some ideas of those people could be:

-Your neighbors that volunteer their time or holiday serving others in their community (ie: the homeless, wounded veterans, firefighters etc.)
- Someone you know that drops off holiday goodies to their neighbors, every single year.
- The kind Costco greeter that says something nice to every single customer (we LOVE our Costco greeter!)
- A friend that volunteers at your local Humane Society on the weekends
- Someone you know who makes care packages for the homeless on the street
- That person at work or church who is always leading a charity drive
- Your mom and all the many things she does for you
- Your dad, who comes to every single one of your sporting events or helps you with repairs around your house or to your car
- That nurse in the hospital that made your stay extra comfortable

The list could most likely just keep on going and that’s why we can’t wait to hear about all the many inspirational people in your lives! We are lucky to know quite a few and hug those people just a little bit tighter, because sometimes it feels like they are few and far between. Who is that person in your life?? Let us know by posting on our #considerkindness Facebook and/or Instagram posts!  (read all #considerkindness details in our last blog post)

'Tis The Season To #considerkindness With Us!!

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted” -Aesop

It is the simplest of actions that truly have the most profound impact. All too often, we think it requires a tremendous amount of effort in order to make a difference in someone’s life. How often do we suppress our best intention to show a small act of kindness due to self-consciousness or (sadly enough) inconvenience? Conversely, how wonderful is an out of the blue phone call from a friend or a random act of kindness from a complete stranger? In a cultural climate where we’re too quick to build up boundaries, thoughtfulness can be a dynamic tool to soften hearts when we need it the most. 

With all the negativity surrounding our country’s current events, here at chip&chisel we want to inspire something we don’t see as often as we should- KINDNESS; an undervalued quality that can have a lasting and powerful effect.  

Thanksgiving just happens to coincide with our 5th anniversary, so we've decided to host a challenge that involves paying it forward and we want you to join in! We truly believe that kindness is life giving! Our hope is that we would see an altruistic shift through our intentional actions and that our communities would be a little bit warmer because of YOU! 

For 3 weeks, we will be hosting a kindness campaign encouraging individuals to consciously choose to #considerkindness! It will include opportunities for you to get involved with us as well as simply recognizing those people you know already killing it in the kindness department! Each week we will have a different theme and each week we’ll choose someone that we find most inspiring. YEAH- that means prizes. (sidenote: We believe that kindness is it’s own reward, but hey, we like prizes and especially giving them away!) Any time you’re part of something involving a thoughtful gesture or donation of your time either:

●     Post a comment on any of our #considerkindness campaign Facebook and/or Instagram related posts sharing your act of kindness


●     Post a picture to Instagram showing your act of kindness with #considerkindness and tag us (@chipandchiseljewelry

At the end of the week- we’ll choose a winner! And HOPEFULLY, what started out as a “challenge” will become part of a greater movement or more frequented habit in our lives!

For each comment on our social media posts, chip&chisel will donate one canned food item to the Clark County Food Bank.  For each photo that you post and tag @chipandchiseljewelry with #considerkindness, two canned food items will be donated.  If we repost your photo highlighting your act of kindness, you will also be given a $10 chip&chisel shop credit! Not only are you directly touching lives, but your simple act of kindness will also benefit those in need during this holiday season!

There are HUNDREDS of ways you could show simple acts of kindness, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Open the door for the person behind you
-Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line
-Call your grandparents!
-Leave an encouraging note on someone’s car
-Put a few quarters in someone’s expired meter
-Babysit for free
-Host a festive holiday party to get in the spirit
-Bake a yummy treat for your neighbors
-Purge your closet and take a bag to the women’s shelter
-Leave an extra large tip for your server
-Send someone anonymous flowers
-Start a “things I am grateful for” discussion at Thanksgiving dinner!

So- let’s start now! Inspire one another! Sometimes all it takes is the action of one person to start a huge initiative. Wouldn’t it be so great if, despite all the negativity that threatens to take root, as a community, we would turn our focus and encourage one another to spread the love?? We know it’s possible and we can’t wait to see all the ways that, together, we can so easily #considerkindness.