chip&chisel is a business centered around the idea that each of us can make a difference.  Our personal journey with infertility sparked the desire to take action and help make a difference for others. If you haven't experienced infertility personally, more likely than not, you know someone who has. The financial burden alone can have a devastating impact. Currently, one round of IVF averages $12-15k. For the majority, this is an out of pocket expense and for many it's an expense they simply cannot afford.

chip&chisel seeks to partner with other businesses and organizations to be a resource, advocate, and support system for those facing this difficult journey and is currently involved in the establishment of a 501(c)(3) where a portion of each jewelry sale can be donated and additional tax deductible donations can also be made by others with the ultimate goal of funding at least one IVF cycle each year!  We are humbled by the opportunity to pay it forward and help fellow families grow one step closer to experiencing the gift of parenthood through IVF just as Lindsy and Ian did, but we'll need your help!

Follow us on FB and Instagram and watch this page for updates as we continue to work towards our goal!  We're anxious to get started and excited to share our progress with you along the way!